1. Super Smash Bros 4 Roster ! All characters in 9x9 pixels ! (not unlockable ones)

    I decided to post all of them in one time :)

    BLOODY VILLAGER BONUS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLA1eysDLNs

  2. Pixel SSB4 #1 (9x9 pixels characters)

  3. 9 new gods from Smite! Hope you’ll like them too!!

    Don’t hesitate to ask some you’d like me to trixel art!

  4. "You’re not as bad as everyone says you are…"

    Tribute to the amazing game “The Wolf Among Us” ( inspirated by the not less amazing comics “Fables” ). The episode 5 “Cry Wolf”  is out today !

  5. 9 gods from Smite, a game by Hi Rez Studio!

    9 new ones will be uploaded, and new one will be made if you like it!

    1rst Line : Ullr, Loki, Ra

    2nd Line: Thanatos, Guan Yu, Agni

    3rd Line: He bo, Hel, Arachné

  6. Inspired by Escher’s works

  7. "Brain"

    Conceputal Trixel art

  8. The Amazing Spiderman 2 - Marc Webb (2014)

    A minimalist trixel art with the great hexels pro, again. Though it was quite difficult to find good colors for the green goblin, I hope you’ll like it!

  9. Vulcan (Sentry skin) from the game Smite, by Hi Rez Studios.

    A really good action/strategy online multiplayer game, in which you control gods. Vulcan is my favorite one, and that skin isn’t so cool?

  10. "Life? Don’t talk to me about life." Marvin, Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams

  11. Wrong - Quentin Dupieux (2012)

  12. Le Visiteur du Futur - Saison 4


  14. New Trixel Art : Sonic - Sega

  15. New animated trixel art of Aku Aku from Crash Bandicoot! As you remember, what does he say? In my oppinion it’s: Bulduga!